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Assisting Borrowers

100% Funding

5 Ways to 100% Funding!

1- 100% with Transactional Funding
-You find the deal
-You find the buyer
-Buyer wires their money into title company
-We wire the purchase money into title company
-You keep all the profit except title fees, 2% of the loan amount and $495 processing

2- 100% with 65% ARV
A lender will fund 100% when the purchase is 65% of ARV.

3- 100% with Private Money & Corporate Credit
Depending on your experience we can get you pre-approved for 80% to 90% of the purchase price with 80% to 90% of the the rehab amount. Corporate credit will help you secure an unsecured business line of credit for the other 10% to 20%.

4- 100% Seller Financing & Corporate Credit
Work with the seller of the property to offer you “Subject to” Seller financing where they allow their current loan to remain in place until you rehab and sell the home. Corporate credit will help you fund the rehab cost and any other expenses such as cash to the seller and closing cost.

5- 100% JV Funding
JV funding with a money partner. We created this program exclusively for you the student. To qualify you must have enough money to pay 1/4 of the total rehab or the 1st rehab draw out of pocket. Once the work is completed you will be reimbursed 100%. You will repeat this process 4 times throughout the rehab process and will split the profits of the deal with the JV partner who put up all the money for the down payment, used their credit, and used their Real Estate Line Of Credit (RE-LOC) to fund the deal.
Also, we may have a turnkey rental buyer interested in your property if the the appraised value is under $125,000.

4 steps to getting pre-approved.

1- Approve the Consulting agreement - Click here

2- Send in your consulting fee:
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      Click here to use a debit or credit card.

3- Complete your initial consultation with one of our Private Money Consultants. We help you analyze your deals and complete a our deal intake sheet to make sure your deal is profitable and fundable.

4- Document collection phase. We have a secure digital system that is super easy to use and our professional staff is here to help you along the way. We need to collect the supporting documentation for review by our Transaction Coordinators for the pre-approval. We average less than 24 hours for the pre-approval after we get all the documents reviewed.

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