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At USA Private Money, we specialize in funding loans that traditional lenders don’t like. We understand that life is not simple for many borrowers and that “one size, fits all” does not work for everyone. We have worked hard to bring you a customized private money lending solution that has the flexibility you are looking for.

(Multiple offers, Loan denied at the last minute) 

Self employed, 1099 commissioned, Less than 2 yrs on the job, COVID setbacks but have down payment)
(Property needs work, unique property)
(Owe back taxes, Haven’t filed taxes, Divorce/support issues, Death/probate issues)
(Trust funds, Gift funds, Inheritance, Mattress Money)
(Buy a new home before you sell with a “Transitional Bridge Loan”.)

If you have been turned down for a mortgage…we can help!

*Responsible Alternative Lending for Non-Traditional Mortgage Borrowers.

*All loans require a down payment and proof of the ability to repay the loan, AZ or CA only.