Our specialty is funding Business Owners who have some sort of credit issue such as the following:
low credit scores, bankruptcy, tax liens or short-sales and foreclosures.

If you hear a Business Owner Say:

“I can’t obtain funding for my business due to credit issues on my credit report”
“I want to buy out my Business Partner and Grow, but the Bank can’t approve me”
“I need to pull money from my Real Estate, but the LTV is too high”

Boost Your Credit Score

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These are Perfect Client Referrals for USA Private Money!

  • We can help your client with loans as low as $10k and up to $2M in Business Loans and up to $50M in Commercial Real Estate Loans.
  • Our motto is: Get pre-approved, Get funded.
  • The best part is that we approve our loans within 24 to 48 hours and most applications are one page!
  • We fund 80% of the loans that don’t fit what banks are looking for.
  • We can fund B,C & D borrowers.

With over 57 different loan types and 160 nationwide lenders; it’s difficult to get declined!!!

Our loans help companies to…

  • Stay in Business.
  • Grow Their Business.
  • Allow the Business Owner to sleep well at night knowing they have the capital.
  • Maintain Their Banking Relationship.

Some of our partners are shown below. We work together to help their clients obtain funding.

  • Bankers
  • CPA’s
  • Accountants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Business Coaches
  • Business Brokers

Look! We can fund deals just like these.

Texas Hotel & Restaurant
$1,350,000 – Term Loan

• Refinanced existing debt + funds for working capital
• Borrower now saves $100,000 annually in debt costs

Utah Dental Practice
$3,000,000 – Term Loan for
Business Acquisition

• Funds to acquire another practice and to expand offices
• Single loan with 20-year term

North Carolina Restaurant & Tavern
$535,000 – Term Loan

• Refinanced existing debt + funds
to renovate location
• 25-year term