• Free – Access To A Dedicated VIP Phone Line:
    Your coaching and mentoring program investment gives you access to our VIP phone line.  
  • Free – Access To Vetted Industry Experts:
    Since 1998 we have completed over 4,000 transactions.  We have the expertise to get your deals funded!
  • Free – Unlimited Phone Calls:  This is HUGE!! – No one does this!
    We have 6 friendly Private Money Consultants standing by to take your calls and answer all of your questions. (6AM Time to 8 PM MST)
  • Free – Deal Calculator Access:
    We built a calculator based on the way lenders underwrite and approve your loan.  You get unlimited access to this calculator to give you a quick assessment if your deal makes sense or not.
  • Free – Unlimited Deal Analysis:
    We have a proprietary deal intake process with 36 questions that we have perfected over the years.  We will analyze your deal at NO COST to you EVER and tell you what you can expect.
  • Free – Funding Guarantee with Peace Of Mind:
    If you need Private Money, Institutional Money or Hard Money we have the capital ready to fund your deal.
  • Free –  Unlimited Access To Proof of Funds Letters:
    No charge EVER for a proof of funds letter!
  • Free –  Unlimited Access To Our Credit & Property Denial Letters:
    If you need to get out of a deal we have these letters ready for you.

All of this is FREE to our VIP clients!

No other Consultant, Broker or Lender is setup to do what we do for our VIP clients.

What you get for our Flat fee of 1K

Our Deeply Discounted Consulting Fee of $1,000

Brokers charge borrowers between $3,000 to $5,000 to fund investment property loans.  Our VIP Clients pay a FLAT FEE of $1,000.
*Some lenders pay us a portion of their fees upon a successful funding.


USA Private Money Other Lenders & Brokers
1)Treat you with respect Yes Most don’t
2) Phone support Yes Most don’t
3) Willingness to work with 1st time Real Estate Investors Yes Most don’t
4) Access to 100% Funding Yes Most don’t
5) Wholesale funding up to $500K Yes Most don’t
6) Seller Carryback Yes Most don’t
7) Access to Gap Funding Yes Most don’t
8) Access Joint Venture (JV) Funding Yes Most don’t
9) Free Access to Pre Approved Letter Yes Most don’t
10) Provides a Pre-approval process before you have a contract Yes Most don’t


    Peace of Mind:

  1. We have your interest in mind
    • We provide you with instruction on things the lender’s require upfront
    • We only send your file to the vetted lenders that will typically do your type of loan
  2. We review the documents needed to submit your loan
    • a. This helps speed up the process with the lender
    • b. We help you to send only the things the lender needs
    • c. Our second set of eyes catches things that are missing or not needed

    Time Savings:

  3. Lenders act faster on our deals
    • a. We have a proven track record of sending them solid deals.
    • b. They trust our staff, process and
  4. You don’t have to search and interview different lenders
    • a. We have already filtered the best the ones who will work with an investor like you.
    • b. We know their requirements for giving you a loan and help you put it together.
    • c. You can concentrate on finding and working on the deals, not on where to get funding

    Money Savings:

  5. Lenders close fast so you don’t lose your earnest money
    • a. Our lenders need an average of 12 business days to close.
    • b. Our lenders close when they say they can more often than not, unlike what many other lenders do
  6. We only charge a fraction of a typical broker’s fee
    • a.Typically broker fee $3,000 -$5,000, to be connected to a lender that might do the deal.
    • b. We do a lot more for only $1,000.
  7. Lenders we work with don’t over charge you for being new in the industry.
    • a. Our lenders 2-3 points per loan
    • b. Industry standard ranges from 4-6 points per loan