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Fix & Flip, Commercial, Bridge, Owner Occupied(AZ only)

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We provide the ASSET BASED lending solutions to difficult loans. If you have the down payment or the equity in the property in most cases we can close in about a week without an appraisal.

  • Q) Fix and Flip typically take 21 or more days to close.
  • Solution: We can fund your deal in a week or less with no appraisal required.
  • Q) Trying to buy a commercial building that a bank won’t approve?
  • Solution: We can fund your loan in about a week as long as you have a 30-40% down payment.
  • Q) Selling your home and the buyer has a finance delay? You need your equity to buy your next home.
  • Solution: We can fund your purchase with a bridge loan until your current home sells.
  • Q) Self Employed and taxes don't show you make enough income?
  • Solution: We can use your bank statements as your income.
  • Q) Don't meet the Debt to income ratios of a conforming loan at 43%?
  • Solution: We will fund you up to 55%!
  • Q) Need a FAST cash-out refi to solve a problem?
  • Solution: We can loan up to 60% of homes value as fast as we can get a title policy.
  • Q) Need a loan for Non-owner occupied investment property...
  • Solution: We can fund it in days… we have done more than 500 in the last couple of year.
  • Q) Are you a foreign national and need an ITIN or DACA loan?
  • Solution: We have the loans that can help any borrower!
  • Q) Trying to retire? Need more cash flow?
  • Solution: Learn how our system can double your monthly cash flow with "Flip Your Capital"
(*Responsibly made loans to borrowers who are unable to obtain a traditional mortgage. All loans require a downpayment and proof of the ability to repay the loan.)

Responsible Alternative Lending for Non-Traditional Mortgage Borrowers. 

*All loans require a down payment and proof of the ability to repay the loan.

If you have money down, you are pre-approved!

we need a short conversation… 
a short mortgage application…

and will get you the best loan you qualify for!

  • You get a dedicated transaction coordinator throughout the process
  • We can pre-approve you the same day we get your application.
  • We complete ALL application documents for you



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