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A Non QM loan may be the answer…

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Our Private Money loans have the "FLEXIBILITY"
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  • checkmark 1) Low CREDIT scores down to 350! (You will need 20%-30% down payment)
  • checkmark 2) Foreclosure Bailout loan - 40% equity in the home required.
  • checkmark 3) Need CASH-OUT to refinance to consolidate debts or money for your business? Cash-Out Limits to $1M
  • checkmark 4) Recent Divorce, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Short sale? We have a program for you!
  • checkmark 5) Taxes don't show you make enough income? We can use your bank statements as your income.
  • checkmark 6) Don't meet the Debt to income ratios of a conforming loan at 43%? We can go to 55%!
  • checkmark 7) Don't have two years on the job or 2 years in business? We have a product for that.
  • checkmark 8) Trying to buy a condo in a community with more investors than owners? Bank won't fund the loan? We will!
  • checkmark 9) Need a cash-out refi to solve a problem? We can loan up to 60% of homes value as fast as we can get a title policy.
  • checkmark 10) Need a loan for Non-owner occupied investment property...we funded over 500 of these loans.
  • checkmark 11) Are you a foreign national and need an ITIN or DACA loan? We have it!
  • checkmark 12) Do you need $50K to 100K unsecured at ZERO interest for 6-12 months...Click Here (Requires a 680 score)
  • checkmark 13) Want to learn how to "Flip Your Capital" or Double Your Money?
(*Responsibly made loans to borrowers who are unable to obtain a traditional mortgage. All loans require a downpayment and proof of the ability to repay the loan.)

Responsible Alternative Lending for Non-Traditional Mortgage Borrowers. 

*All loans require a down payment and proof of the ability to repay the loan.

If you have money down, you are pre-approved!

we need a short conversation… 
a short mortgage application…

and will get you the best loan you qualify for!

  • You get a dedicated transaction coordinator throughout the process
  • We can pre-approve you the same day we get your application.
  • We complete ALL application documents for you



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