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Learn How To Retire Sooner, On Your Terms
& With The Cash Flow

STOP Settling For Low Paying Bank CDs at 1%-2% or The Volatility Of the Stock Market…Learn The 14 Reasons Why Banks Loan Money On Real Estate And Why You Should Too.

Have you considered renting your money out so you don't run out in retirement?

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Scott Brown

Founder, USA Private Money, LLC.

The last 23 Years Scott has been a part of over 5,000 real estate transactions as a loan officer, mortgage broker or as a real estate investor.

USA Private Money was started to help real estate investors secure capital to fund investment properties. Today our passion is twofold …

Help average retirees increase Cash Flow when they need it most in retirement through private lending.

Help families own an affordable home.

The Facts

According to AARP 50% of retirees (23 million) worry they will outlive their money.

The average american can't afford to buy a home in 71 percent of the United States. Home-buyers need a gross income of $67,647 to afford the current national median home price, which is $257,000. The average wage of U.S. workers is $58,214.

About 34 percent of Americans, more than 100 million people, are renting. The national rent average, rose to $1,473

We see a big opportunity to help both retirees and future homeowners reach their goals by bringing both together through real estate.

We partner with seniors and help them rent their money out and receive the cash flow they need collateralized by real estate.