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We have a wide range of fast & easy residential private money loan options. No matter if your looking for a quick flip for quick cash, Fix and Flip rehab loan or a bridge loan we have a loan for you.

With a proven success rate for quickly closing private money loans, we’re here to help you make money on your real estate investment project.

Wholesale Quick Flip $500K Calculator

This is our most compelling loan program! You may know this loan as…

  • 1 Day Flip loan
  • A- B- C Deal
  • Transactional Funding

Whatever you want to call it…it’s 100% Financing, You Keep 98% of the profit! With NONE of your own Money!

90 Day Fix and Flip Calculator

Use the Fix and Flip Analysis Calculator to determine your potential profit on a real estate investment property flip.
You’ll be able to quickly see what your profit potential could be

  • Analyze profit, holding costs and expenses
  • Calculate profit over 30, 90, 120 or 180 days.
  • Create a quick and easy PDF snapshot report.