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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Specializing in fast and easy commercial property financing for all your different properties, USA Private Money is here to help. We may be able to close your loan of up to $200 million dollars quickly (as little as 5 business days for loans under $50 million) with no formal appraisal and no credit or income requirements.

If your credit and/or your property are non-standard we specialize in lending up to 75% of your property value with no qualifying.

Loans up to $200 million (higher case by case)

Easy interest only payment terms

Bankruptcy or foreclouser O.K

Pure equity based financing

No credit or income requirements

One week closing possible

If you have good credit, we finance between 80% to 90% of the property value (up to 50% on finished lots).

Loans up to $200 million (higher case by case)

Extremly competative interest rates

Up to full 30-years term

Flexible underwriting criteria

Easy fast process

Rock-solid approvals that close fast.

At USA Private Money we work with wealthy families that fund many types of non bankable Real Estate loans including…



Long Term Fixed Rate Mortgages

Bridge Loans

Pure Equity Based Loans

Construction Loans

Equity and JV Participation

Mezzanine Loans

Discounted Debt Transactions

Distressed portfolio Purchases

We also look at a variety of different property types that include…

Commercial Office Buildings

Multi-Family Apartment Complex



Assisted Living




Mobile Home Parks

Land ( Development And Agricultural )