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Loan Experts 480-660-4 USA(872)


Loan Experts 480-660-4 USA(872)

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About Us

We have been in the business since 1998. We’ve never shut down even during the 2008 crash or during COVID. When you choose us, you have decades of experience at your disposal. We are licensed for all types of real estate loan situations. If we think we can’t do your loan, we look after you and find you someone who can. If we can't find someone else, we give you helpful tips on how you can get qualified as soon as possible. Usually when you apply to a Bank or a Lender, if you get turned down, you have to start over elsewhere, start new paperwork and the whole process begins again. With USA Private Money if you get turned down by one lender, we immediately submit your file to the next most suitable lender. Since every lender has different requirements, guidelines, and rates, a mortgage broker knows who does what best. With our knowledge and experience in the industry, we can find the right solution for you. We work with institutional lenders, private lenders, non-QM Lenders, hard money lenders, and others and we can find the perfect lender and loan product that fits your needs and gets you the best deal.

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What Our Borrowers Say...

Douglas Sheppard

I have known Scott Brown for several years and found him to be very knowledgeable in areas of funding for real estate. He is successful in obtaining funds for some clients who are looking around without success due to their seeking assistance in areas that rarely achieve what an investor is looking for. However Scott Brown does indeed achieve successful results for these clients that he can and does find the right funding source.

Laurissa Thompson

My husband and I were trying to get approved for a home loan for over a year. Scott met with us and said that he felt like he could get us approved. Within a week or so of working on our loan, Scott got us approved! He even helped us with any questions that my husband and I had after our approval. He was great to work with and we would highly recommend him to anyone!!

Jason Powell


I have known Scott Brown with USA Private Money since 2014. As an attorney and real estate investor I can tell you Scott has funded 100's of loans over the years...he is an industry expert at getting non traditional loans funded.

Lynette Weible

Scott at USA Private Money and his team were fantastic and literally got an impossible deal done!!!!
I was told no one would do this loan but between Scott and his team , the loan funded today!

Thank you all for your hard work and for saving my home!!!

Having difficulty getting approved for a real estate loan or mortgage?

When bank financing is not an option, our loan products enable you to close your loan FAST, with FLEXIBLE underwriting, and creative loan structures to help our clients achieve their goals.

We focus on the collateral, the down payment or equity, and your ability to repay the loan. If you qualify, we will help you get your loan funded.