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At USA Private Money We Specialize in Helping Fund Difficult or Non Traditional Loans

The Mortgage Industry Calls These Non QM Loans

What Is A Non QM Loan?

A non-qualified mortgage loan is more commonly referred to as Non-QM loan. Within the mortgage industry a qualified home loan has to fit certain criteria and requirements set by CFPB. Not every borrower fits neatly inside this traditional matrix. Investors, foreign nationals and those who are self-employed, as well as borrowers with credit blemishes, can find it difficult to qualify for a conventional loan.

Who are Non Qualified Mortgage Loans For?

A Non-QM loan is for any borrower who has been rejected for traditional mortgages by banks and traditional lenders. Usually, we find our clients to be in one of the following situations:


  • Self-employed borrowers with/without income tax write-offs
  • Borrowers with credit blemishes such as a previous foreclosure or bankruptcy
  • Retirees wishing to purchase rental or vacation home properties
  • Foreign Nationals not able to apply for Traditional Loans
  • Small to medium business owners
  • Borrowers looking for interest-only or more flexible DSCR requirements
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Someone with a Unique or Non-conforming Property
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Non-QM Loan Options We Offer

We offer a range of Non-QM loans working with some of the best Non-QM Lenders in the United States. Some of the available products are:

  • Jumbo / Luxury Loans - (upto 5M)
  • Unique Property Loan
  • Asset Based Loans - (Hard Money First Mortgage)
  • Bank Statement Loans
  • Foreign National Loans (ITIN)
  • Interest-Only Home Loans¬†
  • Deferred Interest Loans (Minimal mo. payment required)
  • Foreclosure Bailout Loans
  • Recent Credit Event Loans (recent foreclosure, short sale, and bankruptcy)
  • Commercial Rental Property Loans
  • No Income Investment Loans

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